Czech energy giant eyes Turkish market

Turkey's energy market attractive as it heavily depends on energy imports but tries to increase energy production domestically.

Czech energy giant eyes Turkish market

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Czech energy giant, Energetický A Průmyslový Holding, is eyeing the Turkish energy market for possible investments in electricity and energy production from coal and waste materials, according to Turkish energy regulatory authority (EMRA).

The company's top management, including Mirek Topolanek, former President of European Council, discussed the structure of the Turkish energy market and opportunities with the head of Turkish energy market regulatory authority, Mustafa Yildiz.

The Czech conglomerate mines 20 million tons of coal, produces 37 billion kWh electricity, delivers 57 billion cubic meters of natural gas and stores 3.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas a year. The company has a key role in distributing Russian natural gas to Europe, and has operations with 40 companies in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The company wishes to invest in all areas of electricity production and distribution including natural gas activities. The company plans to have operations in electricity production out of coal and waste materials and is interested in privatization opportunities in energy sector.

"Turkish energy market offers great opportunities to foreign investors," said Yildiz, adding that "in order to give right investment decisions, companies should obtain the right information about the Turkish market from unbiased sources within Turkey, not from one-sided outside sources."

The company officials said that Turkey has a great potential in field of energy production from the coal and waste materials while Turkey heavily depends on energy imports for its evergrowing and energy-hungry economy.

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