E.ON Energy seeks gas trade with Turkey via Enerjisa

E.ON CEO Dr. Johannes Teyssen said they seek to export gas to Turkey from Israel, Northern Iraq and Azerbaijan.

E.ON Energy seeks gas trade with Turkey via Enerjisa

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A major investor-owned energy supplier, E.ON eyes on bringing Northern Iraqi and Israeli gas to Turkey with its partner Sabanci Holding through their joint venture Enerjisa, said E.ON Head Dr. Johannes Teyssen during a press conference in Dusseldorf.

Enerjisa organized a press tour starting on May 7 and running until May 9 at E.ON facilities in Dusseldorf, Aachen and Essen commemorating the first anniversary of German energy giant E.ON and Turkish Sabanci Holding.

Enerjisa has 2.6 GW power production capacity in Turkey, with 1.7 GW installed power and has 900 MW under development. 

Teyssen said that the Transadriatic Pipeline Project (TAP), which will bring Azerbaijani gas to Europe via Turkey, is a business opportunity for Enerjisa, and he commented that the plans on bringing gas from Northern Iraq and Israel to Turkey have been evaluated but not decided on yet.

He explained his approach on the speculation of Israeli, Lebanese or Cypriot gas, which are yet to be brought to the market, is to "show me the gas first" before considering any impact on the gas market.

Teyssen expressed his faith in the Turkish economy post the March 30 local elections and commented that the economy, young population, positive democracy and modus operandi in Turkey are favorable for their investments.

Turkey is the largest among E.ON's markets 

Enerjisa's CEO Yetik Mert said they rank first amongst private producers with their 2560 MW installed capacity in Turkey. He added that Turkey is one of the highest markets that E.ON operates in with 9 million customers.

Sabanci Holding Energy Group President Selahattin Hakman said Enerjisa leads the liberalization of Turkey's energy sector, which currently produces 5000 MW and which aims to reach a 7500 MW production portfolio by 2020.

Within the scope of the press tour, E.ON officials briefed journalists about their facilities in Dusseldorf, Aachen and Essen.

In Dusseldorf, E.ON Global Commodities manages a complex product mix including oil and oil products, power, gas, emmissions, coal, storage and transport at energy exchanges throughout Europe and in the U.S. as well as in Over the Counter (OTC) markets. Approximately €100 billion is traded annually in the E.ON Global Commodities.

In Aachen, E.ON Research Center, was initiated by a major research and development donation from E.ON to RWTH Aachen University, which develops a comprehensive understanding on how sustainable energy can be realized. It focuses on reducing energy consumption and on using more environmentally friendly energy resources. This includes promoting energy saving measures, as well as improving the efficiency of existing systems and increasingly utilizing renewable energy resources.

In Essen, E.ON manages its operations within Germany, and hosts combined heat and power (CHP)- a very efficient and environmentally friendly way of producing energy. 

E.ON is a major investor-owned energy supplier, which operates across Europe, Russia, and North America. It generated €122.5 billion in sales in 2013 and it manages business in Brazil and Turkey jointly with partners. E.ON’s diversified business consists of renewables, conventional and decentralized power generation, natural gas, energy trading, retail and distribution. It supplies around 35 million customers, and operates about 61 GW generation capacity. 

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