Experts criticize Ethiopia dam plans

A hydropower dam being built on the Blue Nile, one of the two source rivers which joins with the White Nile to form the River Nile, is a cause for concern for Egypt and Sudan.

Experts criticize Ethiopia dam plans

World Bulletin / News Desk

Ethiopia is planning to build a new hydropower dam on the Blue Nile, which threatens to divert water from the River Nile. This is worrying for Egypt and Sudan who rely on the Nile for most of their water.

Ethiopia has already drawn up the plans for the new dam, while international experts criticize it for having faulty foundations. An International Panel of Experts also told Bloomberg News that as well as being faulty, the dam also threatens to cut the flow of water to downstream states Egypt and Sudan.

Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa, and is aiming to become an industrialized middle-income nation by 2025. It is the source of 86% of the water that flows in the River Nile through eleven countries up into the eastern Mediterranean. However, Ethiopia claims its project won’t affect the flow of the river.

They have claimed that the creation of a new reservoir in Ethiopia would take five to six years to fill, and in seasons of normal or high rainfall, the hydropower dam in Egypt’s Aswan will only loose 6% electricity generating power. However, in the event of a drought, Egypt may suffer disastrous consequences.

Egypt and Sudan have also sent their experts to Ethiopia to ensure that any dam made will not have a negative impact on their water resources.    

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jemal - 9 yıl Önce

They just need to see war in Africa.other un educated person can know it will not have any effect.Ethiopian brother will not harm us.keep ur experts out .tks.