Gas supply disruptions push up Canada inflation

The figure was slightly lower than analysts had forecast, following a 1.4 percent hike in overall prices in August.

Gas supply disruptions push up Canada inflation

World Bulletin / News Desk

Canadian consumers paid 1.6 percent more for goods and services in September than a year earlier, as Hurricane Harvey disrupted gasoline supplies, the government said Friday.

For a third consecutive month, according to Statistics Canada, gasoline prices were the largest contributor to gains in transportation prices, up 14.1 percent year over year.

The agency blamed the 216 kilometer per hour (134 miles per hour) hurricane winds that battered the US Atlantic coast for "supply disruptions."

Harvey caused catastrophic flooding along the US Gulf Coast, where many refineries are located, before dissipating in early September.

Passenger cars and trucks, food, books and tuition also cost more in the month, said Statistics Canada, while prices for telephone services, home furnishings and men's and women's clothing fell.

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