Global investors can trust in Turkey: PM Yildirim

Binali Yildirım touts Turkey's strong, stable political administration, saying it will offer incentives for investment

Global investors can trust in Turkey: PM Yildirim

World Bulletin / News Desk

Global investors who have contributed to the Turkish economy should have no doubts about trusting in it, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said Thursday, touting the strong political power and stability of the nation’s administration.

Speaking to the Ninth Investment Advisory Council meeting in Istanbul, Yildirim said there is no such thing as a "foreign” investor in Turkey, but only entrepreneurs.

"We share a common fate. You have contributed to this country for many years. You know that we can’t look on you as a foreigner. The concept of ‘foreigner’ doesn’t apply to investing in Turkey. Anyone who invests in Turkey is an entrepreneur of this country."

Yildirim said the Turkish government will provide all opportunities without any discrimination to anyone who invests in Turkey.

Yildirim stressed that trust is vital for both local and international investors, who should have no doubt about trusting Turkey.

"Trust, as you all know, is the biggest expectation for an investor. The continuation of confidence means the realization of new projects and new plans for investors in the long term. You should have no doubt about trusting in Turkey."


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