Pakistan to remove visa for Turkish businessmen

Gilani said that Turkey and Pakistan pledged to amount bilateral volume to 2 billion USD the least in 2012.

Pakistan to remove visa for Turkish businessmen

Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Wednesday that Turkey and Pakistan pledged to amount bilateral volume to 2 billion USD the least in 2012.

"Strong ties between Turkey and Pakistan could not be turned into a healthy trade relationship. Current 782 million USD trade does not reflect the potential," Gilani said who delivered a speech at a luncheon hosted by Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) in Istanbul.

Gilani said his visit to Turkey aimed at giving a strategic direction to commercial and economic relations.

Referring to friendly relations between Turkey and Pakistan, Gilani said, "friendship relations between the two countries are rooted in history. We have cultural, religious and historical ties."

Pakistani premier said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his visit to Pakistan particularly underlined that bilateral trade volume was not sufficient.

Gilani said there were various investment opportunities in his country and noted that Pakistani government took measures to boost trade and foreign investments.

Pakistani prime minister said his country's economy grew despite imbalances in economy and fluctuations in oil prices, adding flood disaster and terrorism brought an additional burden on trade. Gilani said his country was resolved to deal with all those problems.

Gilani said expressed his country's willingness to attract foreign investments.

"Fiscal deficit was reduced to a great extend. There is betterment in foreign exchange reserves. Inflation reduced. However, we still have to keep up with changing conditions in the world and demands. Pakistan presents attractive investment opportunities in energy, infrastructure, industry based in agriculture, oil, gas, mining and several other areas. We have fulfilled broad scale reforms. We tried to develop an appropriate environment for local and foreign investments. Concessions are made for customs. Facilities were brought with respect to visa requirements. There will be no visa requirements for visits of businessmen. We want you to invest in our country. Let us make joint investments. I want both parties to work with win-win understanding," Gilani said.

Referring to the energy investments in Pakistan, Gilani said Turkish company Zorlu Group undertook wind energy project in alternative energy sector.

"We want more Turkish companies to invest in this important sector of pakistan. We particularly want them to invest in hydro energy facilities. We also want investment to be made in textile sector," he said.

Gilani said Turkish entrepreneurs could take advantage of the very big opportunities in agriculture sector and could make trade to oil rich gulf countries.

Gilani also asked Turkish businessmen to invest in fishing sector in Pakistan.

He said population gradually increased in Pakistan and demand for housing increased accordingly, "this sector also presents very big opportunities for foreign investors," he said.

Underlining his country's wish to have bigger and healthier relations with Turkey, Gilani said, "we will be in an effort to assist you and prepare a better environment. I wish long life to friendship of Turkey and Pakistan."


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