Paris region oil wells pumping on borrowed time

But perhaps for not much longer as the government plans a new law that would prohibit exploiting fossil fuels in France, which would quickly turn the nation's small but still profitable oil sector into a fossil.

Paris region oil wells pumping on borrowed time

World Bulletin / News Desk

Standing alongside a field of beets in the Brie region outside Paris, the horse head of the oil derrick bobs day and night, drawing crude that helps satisfy the French capital's thirst for petrol.

The derrick located in the town of Andrezel, just one hour southeast of Paris, stands several metres above the ground. Several others nearby operate completely underground.

Owned by the Canadian company Vermilion, the wells go down 2,000 metres (more than 6,550 feet) where there is a mix of crude oil, water and gas.

The mixture is sent by underground pipelines to the nearby village of Saint-Mery, where the output of more wells is grouped together and the crude is separated out. Another pipeline carries it to a Total refinery located in the town of Grandpuits a dozen kilometres (several miles) away.

There, the crude is transformed into fuel for Parisians' cars, as well as jet fuel, lubricants, and products that end up in cosmetics and pharmacies.

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