Qatar crisis could affect global LNG market: Gazprom

It is too early to be certain, says Gazprom's Deputy CEO

Qatar crisis could affect global LNG market: Gazprom

World Bulletin / News Desk

The crisis between Qatar and some Gulf states could affect the global LNG market, according to Gazprom's Deputy CEO Alexander Medvedev on Tuesday.

Medvedev speaking in Moscow said there was a possibility that LNG markets could be affected, but added that, "It is too early to be certain."

Qatar is one of the world's most important LNG exporters in terms of volume and in 2016 was the largest exporter of LNG worldwide by far with 77.2 million tonnes.

Australia followed with 44.3 million tonnes and Malaysia with 25.9 million tonnes.

According to Wood Mackenzie, Egypt imported 4.1 million tonnes and the rest of the Middle East imported 2.7 million tonnes of LNG from Qatar last year. The biggest share was Japan's with 12.2 million tonnes.


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