Turkey aims to open construction industry in US

Turkish construction industry had 170 million USD of business volume in over 80 countries.

Turkey aims to open construction industry in US


The Turkish state minister for foreign trade said on Friday that only one Turkish construction company was operating in the United States.

Turkey's State Minister Zafer Caglayan said Turkish construction industry, which had 170 million USD of business volume in over 80 countries, did not have a share in the U.S. construction industry.

"We will open our construction industry to the United States," Caglayan told AA correspondent ahead of his visit to this country.

Caglayan will tour Texas, Illinois, Georgia, California and New York for a week, beginning on July 17, to seek ways to increase trade with the United States.

Turkish construction industry has a capacity to make 20 billion USD business p.a.
Caglayan said only Kiska Holding-Oguz Gursel was working in construction industry in the United States, however Turkey could get a great share in U.S. construction industry.

The Turkish minister said the United States was planning significant infrastructural and other investments in areas where Indians used to live in Texas.

"We have analyzed the United States on state basis, and we have studied economic parameters, macro-economic figures, exports and imports," Caglayan said.

Caglayan said the United States had an import volume of 1.6 trillion USD, however Turkey's exports to that country was only 3.5 billion USD.

Turkey was trying to increase exports to the United States, he said.

Caglayan said he would visit Houston in Texas state, Chicago in Illinois, Atlanta in Georgia, Los Angeles in California, and New York.

"I will be the first Turkish minister to visit California, which has an economy that could be among the top seven economies in the world if it were an individual country, for trade purposes," he said.

Caglayan said he would meet businessmen and CEOs to discuss investment and cooperation opportunities.

Minister Caglayan said China would be Turkey's next foreign trade target following the United States, and he would pay a similar visit to that country.

According to initiatives of the Foreign Trade Undersecretariat, Turkey's foreign trade target countries are the United States, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Canada, Poland, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya, Jordan and Qatar.

Prior countries are Mexico, Chile, Peru, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Kenya, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Tanzania, Tunisia, Sweden, Croatia, Kosovo, Georgia, Ghana and Turkmenistan.


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