Turkey exports climb 11.3% in 2010

Turkish State Minister for foreign trade Zafer Caglayan announced Monday the December figures of the Turkey Exporters' Union in Ankara.

Turkey exports climb 11.3% in 2010

Exports from Turkey climbed 11.3% in 2010 to reach 113.686 billion USD -- above Turkish government's target of 111.7 billion USD -- according to data released Monday by a nation-wide union of exporters.

According to the figures of the Turkish Exporters' Union, exports climbed in December 2010 by 21.28 percent over the same period a year earlier to reach 11.6 billion USD.

Automotive sector -- often considered as the locomotive of the country's economy -- ranked the first in the exports of industrial products with a surge of 14.83 percent, which was followed by ready-wear clothing and textiles industry with 12.66 percent, and by iron and steel products with 11.02 percent.

Germany was at the first spot on a top-ten list of major importers of Turkish goods, which was followed by Iraq, Great Britain, Italy, France, Russia, Spain, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Iran.


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