Turkey eyes Gulf Arab invests

Hurmuzlu said Turkish officials had informed the ambassadors of six Gulf countries on the investment opportunities in Turkey.

Turkey eyes Gulf Arab invests

The Turkish president's chief advisor on issues related to the Middle East said on Wednesday that Turkey was eager to attract the investments carried out by Gulf countries in Europe.

Speaking to AA, Turkish President Abdullah Gul's Chief Advisor on the Middle East Ersat Hurmuzlu said the president's office had recently launched a promotion campaign to show the world that Turkey was a country of opportunities.

Pointing to the investments carried out by the Gulf region nowadays, Hurmuzlu said Turkish officials had informed the ambassadors of six Gulf countries on the investment opportunities in Turkey.

"Gulf countries carry out numerous investments worth billions USD in foreign countries, particularly in eastern Europe. We would like to change the course of these investments from Europe to Turkey," the advisor said.

Arab countries' interest in Turkey had grown in the recent term, Hurmuzlu said. "The stability in Turkey increased such interest, however, it is not sufficient. That's why we are carrying out studies to stimulate investments in Turkey."

Hurmuzlu also said that Arab countries were particularly interested in agriculture and tourism sectors, and Turkey was an ideal country in both areas.

"Face towards both West, Middle East"

Meanwhile, Turkish businessmen from Turkey's eastern Mediterranean region have declared that Turkey's growing cooperation with the Arab world should not be perceived as a shift in the country's axis.

In an interview with AA, the head of Turkish-Arab Businessmen's Association (TURAB), Dogan Narin, said Wednesday that certain circles perceived Turkey's getting closer with Arab countries as an "axis shift" and a divergence from the European Union (EU).

Noting it was quite a wrong interpretation, Narin said studies aiming at Turkey's EU membership continued without any interruption, adding that officials would never give up Turkey's EU bid.

"However, as these studies continue, we cannot be indifferent to the developments in the world. Turkey will continue to integrate with the world and improve its dialogues," Narin said.

"We are doing what the EU-member countries did in the past. We are improving our dialogue with all parts of the world," he also said.

Pointing to the significance of Turkey's geopolitical position, Narin noted that Turkey could not neglect its relations with Arab countries due to such position, adding that discussions on "axis shift" were completely political.

Speaking to AA, chairman Suleyman Onatca of Federation of Associations of Businessmen and Industrialists of East Mediterranean (DASIFED) also said that Turkey's face was turned towards both the West and the Middle East.

"We are a developing and growing country. Therefore, we do not have the chance to select our customers. We have to sell our products to all countries. Both Europe and the Middle East are ideal markets for us," Onatca said.

Commenting on the same issue, a board member of Union of Turkish Chambers & Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Mehmet Ali Kuseyri, noted that Turkey's old brotherhood ties with Arab countries had recently turned into an economic advantage.

"I believe such economic cooperation would yield to more positive results in the upcoming period," Kuseyri said.


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