Turkey is leader in aviation security

THY CEO Kotil says Turkey takes necessary precautions regarding aviation security and safety.

Turkey is leader in aviation security
Turkey takes necessary precautions to ensure safety of flights and it is the leader country in that field, Turkish Airlines (THY) CEO Temel Kotil said.
Amid rising concerns over aviation security, security and aviation experts gathered in Istanbul to debate security precautions, its effect on customers and cost efficiency. Experts discuss various options over security and different implementations in countries such as the US and Canada.

Following a session on “Thought Leadership Panel: Security at a Global Crossroads” that participants debate safety regulations in aviation sector, THY CEO Temel Kotil told Anadolu Agency that Turkey is the leader in aviation security and safety.

“We take all precautions. We did not experience any security problem in recent years. Also, we bought high technology equipment to scan baggages at airports. Turkey is the leader at aviation security and safety.”

Temel Kotil also commented on establishing a joint standard among states over sharing passengers’ information. He noted that there should be consensus among countries to exchange passengers’ data.

CEO Kotil praised the world-class golfer Tiger Woods’ shot at the Bogazici Bridge. “It shows that Istanbul is a point of attraction,” he said.


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