Turkey-Nigeria road map ready for trade ties

Nigeria's Jonathan has called on Turkish businessmen to invest in his country.

Turkey-Nigeria road map ready for trade ties

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has called on Turkish businessmen to invest in his country.

President Jonathan said at the "Turkey-Nigeria Trade and Investment Forum", organized by Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON) in Istanbul, that the forum enabled them to create new cooperation areas and invite Turkish businessmen to invest in their country.

"Nigeria is one of world's biggest markets with its population of nearly 150 million and an annual 3 percent increase in its gross domestic product. Our country is rich of underground resources such as coal, copper, zinc and uranium. We can set up commercial relations with Turkish businessmen in 40 different areas," he said.

Nigerian president recalled that they had made a series of significant macro economic reforms recently, adding that they reached a 20 percent growth rate in the last five years.

He added that his country would soon become a target country for international investors and reiterated his call to Turkish businessmen.

Turkey's exports to Nigeria were around 300 million USD while its imports from the western African nation amounted to 530 million USD in 2009.

"Road map"

Turkish State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Cemil Cicek said that Nigeria was a crucial country for Turkey.

We are behind our businesspeople and we are their guarantor. I hope that you will feel at home while doing business in Nigeria, Cicek noted.

Today's meeting organized by TUSKON is highly important. The meeting is meaningful at a time when Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is visiting Turkey, Cicek said.

Those who will write on the history of Turkish-Nigerian relations will have to allocate a special page to President Jonathan's current visit to Turkey. President Jonathan's visit to
Turkey has an enormous historic importance. I hope that Mr. Jonathan will leave Turkey with good impressions, Cicek said.

Africa happens to be the region to which Turkey gives priority in foreign policy, and commercial as well as economic relations. We have initiated a special program within this context. It is impossible to think of an Africa without Nigeria. Nigeria is the heart of and key to Africa. This is my frank impression. As such, Nigeria and the Nigerians have a special place in our hearts. Nigeria is a brotherly and friendly country. There are no problems between our two countries that would impede the development of relations. We have parallel views on many regional and global issues. We carry responsibility together in the D-8. Nigeria is one of the most strong countries of the D-8. I know that Mr. Jonathan would like to give the D-8 a new vision. The businesspeople present in this chamber today will be a crucial part of your project, Cicek said.

Reminding that important agreements were signed between Turkey and Nigeria in Ankara on Wednesday, Cicek said that there were many things Turkey and Nigeria could do together and there were aims that the two countries could reach jointly.

The businesspeople here today carry the Turkish flag and Turkey's good reputation to all corners of the world. They represent Turkey in countries where they do business. Our businesspeople will make efforts for the development, happiness and welfare of Nigeria, Cicek said.

We have prepared a road map for Turkish-Nigerian relations. The task from now on belongs to the businesspeople of our respective countries to work together in a win-win scenario that would strengthen friendship and brotherhood. We are behind our businesspeople and we are their guarantor. I hope that you will feel at home in Nigeria, Cicek also said.

Turkey and Nigeria have a trade volume of 900 million USD. However, TUSKON wishes to raise this volume to 2 billion USD in the near future.



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