Turkey offers Arab businessmen 'maximum cooperation'

Ergun also met with Qatar's Prime Minister & Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jasim bin Jabir al-Thani in Doha on Tuesday.

Turkey offers Arab businessmen 'maximum cooperation'

Turkey's industry and trade minister said Turkish government is ready to help Arab businessmen in their relations with Turkish companies, saying door is wide open for Arab investments in Turkey.

Speaking at the International Arab Industry Forum in Doha, Qatar, Nihat Ergun said that Turkey has been implementing a policy of "zero problem" with neighbors and now it is about to launch a "maximum cooperation" policy.

"We are very pleased to see our political, economic and cultural relations with our Arab friends getting better every passing day," Ergun told the meeting.

Ergun said Turkey wants better integration with the world and it also wants to play an active role in the new global order to achieve its economic and political goals, adding, "we believe that our qualities are very important to overcome current prejudices and establish peace in the world."

Ergun also said that all regional countries should focus their attention on industrialization and creating added value using their natural resources. He said, "we have to make much of our businessmen who create jobs and make investments and production. We have to oil the wheels for them."

"Turkey is ready to share its information and experiences in industrialization because we believe in joint development. Turkey cannot make progress without development in the Middle East and vice versa," he said.

"Today, Turkey is the sixth largest economy in Europe and the 16th in the world. Turkey makes exports to over 170 countries and it is one of the most competitive countries in this vast geography from China to Italy," Ergun said and he called on Arab businessmen to invest in Turkey.

Ergun also met with Qatar's Prime Minister & Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jasim bin Jabir al-Thani in Doha on Tuesday.

Al-Thani said that many Turkish companies were operating in Qatar, adding that there were common business areas between the two countries.

He added that Turkish companies made eight billion USD of business in Qatar so far, and this figure should rise to 10 billion USD.

Al-Thani said that his country would provide every type of support to increase the trade volume.

Meanwhile, Ergun said that he previously visited Doha to attend Turkish Export Products Fair, adding that Qatar promised a permanent fair stand for Turkey to exhibit its products.


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