Turkey's milk production up 11.3 pct in August

Milk collected by integrated dairies totaled over 840,000 tons in August, says statistical authority

Turkey's milk production up 11.3 pct in August

Turkey's cow milk production saw an annual hike of 11.3 percent in August, the country's statistical authority said on Friday.

TurkStat data showed that the amount of milk collected by integrated dairies reached 840,578 tons in August, up from 754,635-ton production in the same month last year.

"Drinking milk production by integrated dairies became 129,241 tons in August and increased by 16.8 percent when compared to the same month of the previous year," the institute said.

On a yearly basis, the amount of cheese made from cow milk climbed by 7.2 percent, reaching 60,749 tons.

TurkStat also noted that cheese production from sheep, goat, buffalo and mixed milk -- 2,933 tons -- went up 17.5 percent over the same period.

"Yoghurt production became 107,431 tons in August and decreased by 7.7 percent when compared to same month of the previous year," it said.

The production of ayran -- a very popular beverage made of yoghurt and water -- rose by 6 percent to 66,378 tons.

This January to August, Turkey's export of dairy products/birds eggs/natural honey amounted to nearly $476 million while the country imports totaled around $98 million.

The country's official statistical authority will release next figures about milk and milk products on Nov. 13.