Turkey's art sector unaffected by global crisis

Turkey's art sector is unaffected by global economic crisis.

Turkey's art sector unaffected by global crisis

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Artworks sector, surged by 20 times in the last 10 years and expected to reach $ 300 million of volume, proved to be unaffected by the global economic crisis.

According to the European Fine Art Fair's art market report, last year the sales decreased by 7 percent to 43 billion euros, because of the fall of global sales in line with global economic crisis.

Despite this, golden age in Turkey's art sector began in 2000 is still underway. Not only the certain followers of galeries and bids, but also different white-collars increased in number as purchasers of artworks.

In 2011 around $ 80 million were gained from art bids, while in 2012 only 15 artwork were sold for $ 15 million.

The blow in the demand also showed itself as 20 times of growth in 10 years. In 2001 art market volume was $ 5 million, while in 2010 it reached $ 105 million, and expected to be around $ 300 million by 2013.

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