Turkey's GDP to reach $851 bn:IMF

IMF estimated Turkey's GDP will increase 65.52 billion USD in a year to 851 billion USD

Turkey's GDP to reach $851 bn:IMF

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According to IMF's estimated data, Turkey's gross domestic product (GDP) would increase 65 billion 524 million USD to 851 billion USD by the end of 2013.

In the same term, GDP of USA, would reach 16 trillion 237 billion 746 million USD; on the other hand, GDP of China, called "production centre", will rise to 9 trillion 20 billion 309 million USD.

The total GDP of BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, would reach 15 trillion 663 billion 383 million USD, approaching GDP of USA.

Germany, Brazil, India, UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Mexico and Russia will be at the top of the list of trillion-dollar-economies according to IMF's projections for this year.

GDP of Germany, called "industrial giant", will come up to 3 trillion 597 billion 965 million USD concerning IMF data.

Furthermore, GDP of Brazil will reach 2 trillion 456 billion 663 million USD, and GDP of India will reach 1 trillion 972 billion 844 million.

According to IMF's economic expectations, GDP's of other trillion-dollar-economies will be as follows: UK 2 trillion 422 billion 921 million USD, Spain 1 trillion 387 billion 871 million USD, Italy 2 trillion 76 billion 6 million USD, Japan 5 trillion 149 billion 897 million USD, Canada 1 trillion 843 billion 750 million USD, South Korea 1 trillion 258 billion 586 million USD, Mexico 1 trillion 274 billion 966 million USD, Russia 2 trillion 213 billion 567 million USD.

The countries, whose GDP will be under a trillion dollars this year, are Argentina, Austria, Denmark, Indonesia, Philippines, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Switzerland, Colombia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malaysia, Egypt, Peru, Poland, Sri Lanka, Chile, Thailand, Turkey and Greece.

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