Turkish automobile production increased by 8 percent

The export of automobiles rose by 17 percent in the first ten months of this year in comparison to last year.

Turkish automobile production increased by 8 percent

Turkish automobile production increased by 8 percent from January to October this year compared with the same period last year.

Total sales in automotive industry in 2013 January - October period increased by 9 percent with 674,000 vehicles in comparison to last year's first ten month period, according to a “Production - Export - Sales” report by Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD). During the same period automobile sales rose by 18 percent and sales jumped up to 499,000 cars.

In the 2013 January-October period the sales of light commercial vehicles decreased 13 percent with 145,000 less vehicles sold comparing to last year.

This year’s first 10 month period sales of heavy commercial vehicles fell by 2 percent with 30,000 less vehicles sold.


Automotive industry's exports increased by 15 percent with 684,000 vehicles, and automobile export by 17 percent with 394,000 vehicles in the 2013 January - October period. During this period export of commercial vehicles rose 12 percent with 289,000 vehicles exported.


During this year’s first ten months the genereal production increased by 5 percent with 929,000 items, as automobile production rose by 8 percent with 516,000 vehicles produced.

The production of small trucks jumped up by 50 percent, van production by 40 percent, bus production by 34 percent and midi-bus production by 25 percent. Big truck production went down by 9 percent and pick-up truck production by 1 percent.


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