Turkish energy firm's public offering application approved

Margun Enerji aims to be global power with its domestic, foreign energy investments.

Turkish energy firm's public offering application approved

The public offering application of Margun Enerji, a Turkish energy firm, has been approved by the regulatory authority this week.

The firm, a subsidiary of Esenboga Elektrik, said in a statement on Saturday that it works to offer world-class services in an era when the demand for clean energy is increasing rapidly.

The firm, with 118.03 megawatts installed energy capacity, aims to be Turkey's global power thanks to its domestic and foreign sustainable energy investments.

The Capital Markets Board of Turkey approved its application on Thursday.

Margun plans to continue developing projects and establishing solar power plants by moving its experience, gained in Turkey, to western Europe, especially Italy, and the US.


Hüseyin Demir