US stock futures dip; oil jumps after strike in Syria

Crude prices up nearly 2 percent

US stock futures dip; oil jumps after strike in Syria

World Bulletin / News Desk

Wall Street futures fell but crude prices jumped in the hours after President Donald Trump launched military action late Thursday against Syrian in response to an alleged chemical attack. 

The Dow, the S&P and Nasdaq futures each declined around 0.3 percent after the U.S. fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military airbase. 

Crude prices jumped more than 2 percent amid concerns about disruption to the supply of oil from the Middle East. 

American benchmark West Texas Intermediate traded up 1.7 percent to $52.92 while international benchmark Brent crude was at $56.06 -- a 1.6 percent increase -- at 0230 GMT. 

The dollar fell against major currencies but rose against the Turkish lira. 

The American greenback traded at 0.801 against the British pound and 0.938 against the euro. It rose to 3.73, however, against the lira. 

The military action in Syria increases worries of a potential retaliation against American interests, which can force domestic investors into a selling position. 


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