150 Syrian refugees camp in Paris park

Women and children are among the group, some of whom suffer from poor health.

150 Syrian refugees camp in Paris park

World Bulletin / News Desk

Around 150 Syrian refugees have set up camp in the small Saint-Ouen park in northern Paris as they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.

With not a penny left to spend after travelling country to country to finally make it to France, the refugees have no choice but to beg to live from one day to the next.

One former dental technician by the name of Yahya, who speaks fluent French, told The Local that sometimes they are able to raise enough money to rent a hotel room for a night, but most of the time they have to sleep in the park, in cars or in mosques.

Another Syrian man called Aziz fled his home in the destroyed city of Homs with his wife and six children, all of whom stay at the park with him now after having travelled across Europe.

There are around 2.6 million Syrian refugees as a result of the three-year civil war that has claimed over 150,000 lives. According to Amnesty International, only 55,000 have managed to get into Europe, with around 3,000 in France.

Certain members of the group are suffering from poor health and have not had the necessary access to medicines. Pregnant women are also said to be among the group, three of whom were taken into hospital.

Local charities have been doing their best to provide food handouts to the group while NGOs are pushing the government to do more to help them.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 24 Nisan 2014, 16:57