Anti-G20 protesters clash with police in Germany

More than 200 police officers injured, 63 protesters taken into custody, after violent protests in Germany

Anti-G20 protesters clash with police in Germany

World Bulletin / News Desk

Hundreds of protesters clashed with police in the northern German city of Hamburg on Friday night, as the leaders from world’s biggest economies (G20) gathered in the city for a key summit.

Hamburg police said on Saturday that at least 213 officers were injured so far in clashes with anti-G20 protesters, while 63 protesters were taken into custody, and 19 others were arrested on various charges.

“We have never experienced such enormous hatred and violence,” police spokesman Timo Zill told local media.

Several hundred anarchists, who call themselves "Black Bloc”, set several cars on fire, burnt barricades at the popular Schanzenviertel district of the city, and they threw Molotov cocktails, rocks and bottles at police officers.

Several demonstrators also attacked the banks in the area, and looted supermarkets.

The police could only regain the control after sending special police units to the area. Hamburg police also asked for reinforcements from the other federal states.

Several anti-G20 groups announced further protests across the city on Saturday, as the leaders of world’s biggest economies gathered at Hamburg's Trade Fair and Congress Centre, for the second and final day of their summit.

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