Any use of chemicals in Syria will be taken to UNSC: Lavrov

Russian FM Lavrov said “It was the rebels who fired the chemical weapons on Aug. 21. I just presented a compilation of evidence to John Kerry."

Any use of chemicals in Syria will be taken to UNSC: Lavrov

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Russian FM Sergei Lavrov claimed on Tuesday that they have evidences proving that Syrian opposition used chemical weapons on August 21 in the suburbs of Damascus in an interview with Washington Post Daily in New York where he has been for UN 68th General Assembly meeting.

“It was the rebels who fired the chemical weapons on Aug. 21 — not the Assad regime? We believe there is very good evidence to substantiate this.I just presented a compilation of evidence to John Kerry" said Russian FM Lavrov.

Lavrov added that he presented a compilation of evidence to US Secretary of State John Kerry about it and those evidences are also available on the Internet: "They are reports by journalists who visited the sites and talked to the combatants, who said they were given some unusual rockets and ammunition by some foreign country and they didn’t know how to use them."

Reminding that President Assad asked officially to be included in the Chemical Weapons Convention; thus he’s under legal obligation derived from this convention, Lavrov said "The steps of the Syrian government indicate clearly that they are fulfilling their obligations under this convention .?.?. We also agreed in Geneva with John Kerry that we will initiate a Security Council resolution which will support and reinforce the decision of the Chemical Weapons Convention. .?.?. We will be very serious about any use of chemical weapons by anyone in Syria, and those issues will be brought to the Security Council under Chapter 7," [of the U.N. Charter, which includes a provision for the use of force].

Lavrov stated that they have conveyed to the Syrian government their conviction that the chemical weapons problem must be resolved on the basis of the Chemical Weapons Convention, and they are satisfied that Assad responded promptly and positively.

“What we hear from Tehran is encouraging”

Stating that willingness of Iran to continue negotiations on its nuclear program Lavrov said, "They confirmed the need to continue negotiations; they expressed their desire and willingness to be more transparent and to be more concentrated on reaching a result." 

Concerning the sanction on Iran, Lavrov said that the sanctions were imposed because of the lack of results in resolving the Iranian nuclear issue and if progress is achieved, this must be followed and reciprocated by softening and eventually lifting the sanctions.

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