Attack on French Muslims since Charlie Hebdo /MAP

The incidents point to a long-worsening trend of hostility in France toward the country's Muslim minority, which makes up an estimated eight to 10 percent of the population, and a sense among French Muslims that they are not welcome

Attack on French Muslims since Charlie Hebdo /MAP

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France, home to one of Europe's largest Muslim populations, witnesses several attacks on Muslims' places of worship after Charlie Hebdo attack, despite universally and repeatedly condemning the attack.

Vox reporter Max Fisher quotes the map by a respected British anti-Islamophobia group, Tell MAMA UK (MAMA stands for measuring anti-Muslim attacks), detailing the incidents since they began, mere hours after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

According to media reports, the attacks have included, gunshots fired at a mosque in Port-la-Nouvelleand a boar's head and entrails were left outside an Islamic prayer center in Corsica with a note: "Next time it will be one of your heads", shots were fired overnight at a mosque in the western city of Le Mans, and a blast destroyed a kebab shop next to a mosque in the central town of Villefranche-sur-Saone.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith condemned the attack on the Charlie Hebdo publication, describing it as a "barbaric act against democracy".

"We are deeply shocked by what we saw and felt at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, the horror stories, the unspeakable pain: it was a war field with Kalashnikov rifles and shooting in Paris," said Dalil Boubaker, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith.

“Those who have committed this attack are barbarians and cannot claim to have done it in the name of the Muslim community or religion: the Muslim community aspires to peace and living together. Islam absolutely condemns the killings," he said.

The Union of Islamic Organizations of France said: "We condemn this criminal attack and these horrible murders."

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France said the attack was a “despicable and hateful act that we denounce with force”.

“We expect from our representatives responsible speeches in order to avoid any unwelcome stigma of Muslim citizens and to avoid feeding a heavy climate of prejudice and rejection,” it said in a statement.

Three human rights associations – the Council for Justice, Equality and Peace, the Union of French-Turk Entrepreneurs and the Organization of Racism and Islamophobia Watch - also issued a joint statement condemning the attack.

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