Barcelona football club joins 'Free Catalonia' movement

"Barca" chairman Bartomeu announces that the club now officially supports the Catalan independence movement

Barcelona football club joins 'Free Catalonia' movement

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Catalan football now supports Catalonian independence.

The internationally famous football club, Barcelona, has announced that it supported self-determination for the Catalan region in Spain on Friday.

After making an announcement on Catalan radio "RAC1," Barcelona chairman Josep Maria Bartomeu signed the Catalan National Pact for Self-Determination. 

On the football club's website, there was a statement: "We will always be there for our country and for the will of its people. We defend the right to self-determination because that forms a part of the fundamental rights which all people and nations must have."

Catalans are going to vote in a referendum on independence on November 9.

Under the current regulations of Spanish football and the rules of European football organizations UEFA and FIFA, both Catalan football clubs, Barcelona and Espanyol, will be forced out of Spain's highest division La Liga if the Catalan people votes for independence. 


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Muhammed Öylek