Basque, Catalonia say not impressed by new Spanish king

Leaders from Basque Country and Catalonia are not impressed by the speech by the new Spanish king.

Basque, Catalonia say not impressed by new Spanish king

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Leaders from Spain's autonomous Catalan and Basque governments said there was "nothing new" in the parliamentary speech delivered by Spain's newly-crowned King Felipe VI, who succeeded his father King Juan Carlos on Thursday.

A ceremony held in Spain's parliament was attended by leaders of all 17 regional governments, including Basque President Inigo Urkullu and Cataloinia's Artur Mas.

"It is too early to reach a judgement even if the new King does not have any pledge," said Urkullu, adding that the King did not make any remark about the new state model demanded by the Basque government.

Having not joined in applauding the new king, Catalonia's president Mas said there was nothing new during the speech, adding "Spain is composed of different nationalities and one of them is Catalan."

King Felipe VI expressed his dedication for the equality of Spanish nationals and unity and solidarity among Spain's people.

King Juan Carlos had been on the throne since 1975, which he assumed after the dead of the country's former military dictator Francisco Franco's.

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