Basques may follow Catalan example for independence

Spain's recent economic turmoil has seen a revival of separatist movements in the country.

Basques may follow Catalan example for independence

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A document allegedly belonging to the ETA, “Basque Homeland and Freedom” Basque separatist group, in Spain indicates they consider the experiences and steps taken for Scottish and Catalonian independence as an important reference.

“The priority is securing the right to decide the center and future of politics,” noted the document obtained by Spanish security forces about 15 days ago.

The popular daily newspaper El Mundo headlined on Wednesday that ETA would analyze the pro-independence initiatives in Catalonia as an example and would endeavor to mobilize a large base in furthering its claims for independence.

ETA, which purports to fight for the independence of the autonomous Basque region, has been held responsible by the Spanish government for nearly 800 hundred deaths in Spain over the last fifty years.

The document indicated that a human chain similar to the one undertaken for independence in Catalonia on September 11 would be organized on June 8 in the Basque region.

The document notes that the required release by Spain of over 50 ETA prisoners in accordance with the recent decision by the European Court of Human Rights' (ECHR) is an “positive encouragement for the peace process in the Basque region.”

On October 21 the ECHR ruled that the "Parot Doctrine," which allowed for an extension of the 30-year imprisonment limit prescribed by Spanish law, was in violation of human rights under Article 7.

Meanwhile, as the Catalonia autonomous administration is pushing for a referendum for independence in 2014, the date and wording of which is yet to be determined, the Spanish government once again warned against such measures.

"A Catalonia which declares a one-sided independence cannot be part of NATO, the EU or any other institution such as the IMF or World Bank affiliated with the United Nations,” said Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo, who was in Brussels for the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting from December 3 and 4.

Without providing a clear answer as to whether the Spanish government would veto Scotland in the case of it winning independence, Margallo stated, “But I believe that the European integration process should be deeper and faster. Independence movements go against the flow of history.''

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marco - 8 yıl Önce

the groups are racist and violent. They must be stopped and follow the rule of law. Peace over hatred. Catalan and Basque NAZI will never win

Sugus - 8 yıl Önce

The problem in Spain, is that fascism was not defeated and is still fresh in the country. The Spanish right, is the last refuge of European fascism. Catalonia and the Basque Country today, are free zones fascism. The Catalans, have not even had, organized terrorism. The Basque terrorism is not currently active..

Felix - 7 yıl Önce

Marco: Catalan independence movement is anything but fascist and racist. It is absolutely peaceful and we don't care where people originally come from or the colour of the skin. For us, the important thing is our Catalan language, our DNA. So pls refrain from writing things you are unaware of.