Belfast bomb 'intended to kill officers', police say

The act disregards human life, Northern Ireland Secretary Brokenshire says

Belfast bomb 'intended to kill officers', police say

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A bomb discovered on Saturday night near a school in Belfast was intended to kill police officers, according to a senior officer.

The local media, including the Belfast Telegraph reported the bomb discovery was made in an alleyway beside Holy Cross Boys' Primary School in Ardoyne, North Belfast shortly before midnight on Saturday.

"There's no doubt that device was there to try and kill community police officers on the beat in their local area, but also it was left in such a reckless manner and in such a reckless location that it would have undoubtedly led to the death or serious injury of a member of the public had it exploded anywhere near them," Chris Noble, chief superintendent, said.

Noble said he was in no doubt that "dissident republicans were behind the incident" in an alleged attempt to kill police officers.

The latest discovery was one of a few other bombs discovered in the area following the March 2 snap election which was called by James Brokenshire after the resignation of Martin McGuinness as deputy first minister over a botched energy-saving scheme.

“I am sickened by this incident with dissident republican terrorists placing a bomb close to a primary school in north Belfast,” Northern Ireland Secretary of State James Brokenshire said in a statement.

“This shows their wanton disregard for human life, potentially putting children in danger,” Brokenshire said.

A deadline to form a power-sharing executive in Belfast was extended to May 29 when parties with the most seats at the Stormont (Northern Ireland parliament) failed to reach an agreement.

“The consequences could have been utterly devastating and it shows them for what they really are,” Brokenshire said.

“I am grateful to the emergency services for their work in keeping people safe.”

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