Brexit puts tiny German village at centre of Euroverse

Its handful of houses are set in the rolling hills of Bavaria's wine country, clustered around a solitary road wending through fields overlooked by a clutch of wind turbines.

Brexit puts tiny German village at centre of Euroverse

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A European Union flag snapping in the wind in the tiny German village of Gadheim is the only hint at why the world's media are beating a path to this out-of-the-way spot.

When Britain's two-year negotiations on leaving the EU end in 2019, Gadheim's 89 inhabitants will find themselves at the geographic centre of the bloc, according to the IGN geographic institute in Paris.

Most here first heard the news on the radio, says Juergen Goetz, mayor of nearby Veitshoechheim -- Gadheim being too small to have a Buergermeister (mayor) of its own.

"We thought it was an April Fool's joke at first," Goetz laughs, as he recounts the story around a table in the village hotel.

There's no doubt that locals are proud to see their countryside in focus, with its vineyards, endless fields and the winding Main river.

"My husband has always said that we were the centre of the world," jokes Inge Diek, the village representative of the German Farmers' Association.

"There's a pretty saying, 'God kissed the Earth only once, and that's where Veitshoechheim is'. Gadheim is a part of that," beams Goetz.

Gadheimers have set up a WhatsApp group to marvel at their newfound fame and mull how to mark the spot.

Most surprised of all was Karin Kessler, dark-haired, slightly weather-beaten and dressed in warm, practical farming attire.

Her son sent her a message with a map of the exact coordinates -- which she at first thought were on her neighbours' land.

"No, it's in your field!" her son shot back.

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