Brexit talks stall as EU rejects Chequers plan

British Prime Minister Theresa May under pressure to secure a breakthrough

Brexit talks stall as EU rejects Chequers plan

With just over six months left before the UK exits the European Union, uncertainty is high, with the terms of a new relationship between the two sides still being negotiated.

Talks between EU leaders and British Prime Minister Theresa May on reaching a deal have had their high and low points since the UK triggered divorce proceedings from the bloc in March 2017, but neither side has been completely satisfied with the progress made.

May, who is quite keen to strike a deal with EU leaders before the end of this year, has been accused of making too many concessions to European negotiators -- not only by those who voted to leave the union but also by some members of her cabinet, who are also unhappy with the latest British proposal dubbed Chequers, named after the prime minister's country retreat.

The Chequers plan caused an immediate stir in May’s cabinet and prompted two key officials to resign -- Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis. In the House of Commons, meanwhile, the number of Tory MPs who are against the latest plan to adopt a common rulebook with the EU as part of Chequers is on the rise.