Britain, Italy seek diplomatic action on Libyan civil war

British Foreign Secretary, Italian Foreign Minister say no military solution in Libya, but UN initiative for dialogue must be relaunched

Britain, Italy seek diplomatic action on Libyan civil war

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Britain hopes the United States will lead a “new initiative” to resolve the Middle East conflict through a two-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis, British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Thursday.

 Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, for his part, said Italy and the U.K. “are not resigned to a divided Libya at war.”

After a meeting, the two men agreed that “there can be no military solution in Libya, but one must relaunch the initiative of dialogue to be brought forward by the United Nations.”

Only the success of such a diplomatic drive “can provide the basis for peace-keeping intervention,” said Gentiloni at a press conference in the Villa Madama government guest house. Libya will be at the centre of the next NATO summit, he added.

 Hammond told reporters that the possibility of a new U.S.-led Mideast peace initiative also will be on the NATO summit agenda.

A Europe that is simpler 

Italy and Britain are working together to create a Europe that is “simpler, more focused on its priorities, and better able to meet citizens’ expectations,” Gentiloni said.

London and Rome share a “common sentiment concerning current European trends and what can be done together for economic development, growth, employment and relaunching investment,” Gentiloni explained.

Hammond said that “Italy’s excellent presidency of the EU has clarified the objectives for a Europe founded on growth and employment.”

Relations between Britain and Italy traditionally are warm and the two foreign ministries’ spin doctors evidently sought to paper over the huge differences in personal opinion on Europe between the two men, diplomatic sources said.

 Hammond is a noted Eurosceptic who has cautioned publicly that Britain may have to leave the EU, while Gentiloni, in his short period in office since he replaced Federica Mogherini, has praised Italian Premier Matteo Renzi  for saving Europe from Eurosceptic attacks.

8 Libya troops taken to Tunisia for treatment

Meanwhile, a private hospital in the northern Tunisian city of Bizerte on Thursday received eight troops of Libyan general Khalifa Hafter after they were wounded in battles in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, a Tunisian medical source said.

The source, who requested anonymity, told The Anadolu Agency that the troops were airlifted to the Tunisian city of Carthage and then taken to the hospital by ambulances, noting that the ambulances were guarded by Tunisian policemen.

The same clinic had received 15 wounded Haftar troops on Tuesday.

Haftar, a retired general, is now leading the Libyan army in battles against the turbulent country's militia, especially in the capital Tripoli and in the eastern city of Benghazi.  



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