Britain's anti-Brexit voters face tough choice

Some, like 45-year-old Tom Glover, are planning to vote for the centrist Liberal Democrats -- a minor opposition party that is very pro-European.

Britain's anti-Brexit voters face tough choice

World Bulletin / News Desk

For the 48 percent of British voters who backed staying in the European Union in last year’s referendum, choosing a candidate to represent them in the upcoming election is proving extremely difficult.

"I've never voted for the Lib Dems in my life, but I will this time," the computer engineer and staunch Europhile told AFP in the City, London’s business hub.

Glover was seduced by the Liberal Democrats' promise to hold a second referendum at the end of Brexit negotiations on whether to accept the terms of the deal, or reject them and stay in the bloc.

"The leader (Tim Farron) isn't the most charismatic in my opinion but the idea that they would try their best to stay in Europe is enough for me to vote for them," he added.

But few think like Glover and, despite unexpectedly receiving the backing of the respected weekly magazine The Economist, the Liberal Democrats continue to languish in the polls.

The party only has seven percent of voting intentions in a recent poll by YouGov -- which interviewed 1,875 people on May 30 and 31.

That was well behind the ruling Conservative Party on 42 percent and the main opposition Labour Party on 39 percent.

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