British MPs reject Lords amendments on Brexit bill

House of Lords expected to hold a vote Monday night before passing the bill for Royal Assent

British MPs reject Lords amendments on Brexit bill

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MPs in the House of Commons on Monday rejected both amendments proposed by the House of Lords on a bill that gives prime minister the authority to initiate the official start of Brexit.

The first amendment suggested a guarantee of the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and the second one said the parliament be given the final say on any deal to be reached with the EU at the end of Brexit negotiations.

“MPs disagree to Lords Amendment 1” related to the EU citizens’ rights “by 335 votes to 287,” the House of Commons said on its official Twitter account.

“MPs disagree to Lords Amendment 2 to the EU Bill on parliamentary approval by 331 to 286,” it added.

The EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill has now been passed back to the parliament’s upper chamber for considerations.

The House of Lords is expected to hold a vote on the bill Monday night before it can be passed for the Royal Assent, the final stage before the legislation is completed.

Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted her government will trigger the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty before the end of March.

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