Brussels: Hundreds march against Israeli attack on Gaza

Organizers call for Israelis responsible for offensive to be charged with committing war crimes

Brussels: Hundreds march against Israeli attack on Gaza

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Hundreds of people have marched in Brussels to protest against Israel's month-long offensive in the Gaza Strip which has killed more than 1,918 Palestinians.

Demonstrators taking part in the White March For Palestine rally on Sunday walked from Brussels North, one of the three major railway stations in Brussels, to the Cinquantenaire Park, located near European Union institutional buildings. 

One protest organizer read out a statement, saying: “Israel is showing it does not want to find a solution to the Gaza siege and wants to maintain occupation.

“Palestine should be recognized as a state.”

A list of alleged war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza were also read out in French and Dutch.

The demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and called for an end to what they said was Israeli apartheid, before releasing hundreds of white balloons.

They also demanded Israeli officials be put on trial for alleged war crimes.

The demonstration, carried out under a heavy police presence, ended peacefully. 

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Muhammed Öylek