Bulgaria loses land due to erosion

Islands on Danube River drift towards Romania due to erosion.

Bulgaria loses land due to erosion

World Bulletin / News Desk

Bulgaria lost nearly 6,000 hectares of land on islands on the river Danube to Romania because of erosion and streaming, said an official on Wednesday.

Georgi Georgiev, River Danube Search and Maintenance Chief, said that due to erosion, some river coasted islands in Bulgaria have drifted to Romania coastal waters and vice versa, some islets have also moved to Bulgaria from Romania.

There are total of 150 islets on the River Danube border, which separates Romania and Bulgaria. However, at present eight islets remain unknown as to whether they belong to Romania or Bulgaria.

According to the agreement between Romania and Bulgaria signed in 1908, the countries' commissions are due to have meetings every ten years to monitor the border line on the River Danube. The last meeting was held 13 years ago and since then, there has not been any confirmation regarding the ownerships of the islets.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 08 Ocak 2014, 17:27