Bulgarian govt wins vote of confidence

The government, led by former finance minister Plamen Oresharski, won a parliamentary vote of confidence on Wednesday, ending three months of political uncertainty.

Bulgarian govt wins vote of confidence

Bulgarian parliament voted on Wednesday to confirm the mandate of the new government, reestablishing the political office in earnest that has been absent since February.

The government, formed by Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) which has a Turkish majority in its membership, received in 120 votes for and 97 against, an indication that the government will lack the extensive backing it will need to pull the nation out of a severe economic bottleneck.

The voting session was almost canceled because of absence of a quorum, or what number of lawmakers shall be present; but a delay was prevented by Volen Siderov, leader of far-right Ataka party, who joined the parliament members, allowing the proceedings to continue as planned.

After the 16-minister cabinet was sworn in, Oresharski said in his speech the country was suffering from social polarization, misuse of public funds, a disheartened private sector and rising unemployment.

Oresharski set his government's slogan as "statism, development and justice."


The new government faces an enormous economic challenge in a country where twenty percent of the population lives on income below poverty line.

"Oresharski embarks, in stormy weather, on a ship full of holes, with its sails torn and helm broken," said Sergei Stanishev, the leader of BSP, which supports Oresharski's government. "I hope he fixes it and steers it to calm waters."

Bulgaria has been without a permanent administration for the last three months, with an interim set up in March to ease tensions in the country before May 12 elections.

Street protests in February resulted in the collapse of the government formed by center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB).

GERB came out of the recent elections winning the highest number of votes but could not form a government as it lacked the support of other parties for a coalition.


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