Cameron sees Tusk helping his EU 'Mission Impossible'

Cameron believes that Tusk can help him achieve the changes to EU rules

Cameron sees Tusk helping his EU 'Mission Impossible'

World Bulletin / News Desk

British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday he believed European Council President Donald Tusk would help him achieve the kind of changes to EU rules that Tusk himself described recently as a "mission impossible".  

Asked at a news conference after an EU summit in Brussels about Tusk's comment that Cameron would have a very difficult task to persuade other states to change EU treaties if Cameron is re-elected next month, the British prime minister referred to the star of the Hollywood film series "Mission Impossible":

 "Tom Cruise normally prevails in the end, he is a little bit smaller than me, but I hope to be just as effective," he said.  "If I come back here after this election, I will have a mandate ... for change in Europe and that mandate will be very powerful ... I know that Donald will be helpful ... in bringing forward what is necessary for the reform of the European Union." 


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