Cameron tells UK voters: 'Brits don't quit'

British PM makes personal appeal to voters to reject UK exit from European Union

Cameron tells UK voters: 'Brits don't quit'

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Just two days before the EU referendum vote, British Prime Minister David Cameron has urged U.K. voters to remain in the 28-country bloc.

Speaking outside his official London residence of 10 Downing Street, Cameron emphasized supposed long-term risks Brexit posed to the British people.

"As you take this decision, whether to remain or leave, do think about the hopes and dreams of your children and grandchildren," he stated, adding: "Remember, they cannot undo the decision we make."

Cameron said a decision to leave was "irreversible" and claimed the next generation would have to live with the consequences.

The British premier has previously stated that earlier negotiations with the EU enhanced the country's status. 

"Brits don’t quit. We get involved, we take a lead, we make a difference, we get things done. If we left, our neighbors would go on meeting and making decisions that profoundly affect us, affect our country, affect our jobs," he stated, adding: "They would make decisions about us, without us."

Britain’s referendum on its EU membership will be held on June 23.

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