Cameron: UK must strike 'head of snake' ISIL in Syria

UK mission in Iraq must be extended to include ISIL's Raqqa headquarters in Syria, British PM says

Cameron: UK must strike 'head of snake' ISIL in Syria

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U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron edged closer to calling a parliamentary vote on more British airstrikes against ISIL by announcing he would personally make the case for deployment.

Britain has been striking ISIL targets in Iraq from the air since September 2014, although Cameron has long wanted to broaden the mission to include the group’s positions in Syria.

Earlier this month, parliament’s influential foreign affairs committee had said it was “not yet persuaded” that aerial strikes would defeat the group and help end the Syrian civil war.

But in an unusual move Cameron said he would respond to the report himself in order to demonstrate why he believes airstrikes are a vital step towards defeating ISIL.

“It is in Syria, in Raqqa, that ISIL has its headquarters and it is from Raqqa that some of the main threat against this country are planned and orchestrated. Raqqa, if you like, is the head of the snake,” Cameron told the House of Commons on Tuesday.

“Over Syria we are supporting our allies the U.S., France, Jordan and the Gulf countries with intelligence, with surveillance and with refueling. But I believe, as I have said many times before, we should be doing more. We face a direct and growing threat to our country and we need to deal with it not just in Iraq but in Syria too.”

Cameron said the case for U.K. strikes had “grown stronger” after the attacks Friday in Paris, in which 129 people were killed.

“We cannot expect, we should not expect, others to carry the burdens and risks of protecting our country,” he said.


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