Catalonia seeks EU support for independence

The autonomous region of Catalonia says it wants its independence from Spain, written in a letter to national leaders both inside and outside of the EU.

Catalonia seeks EU support for independence
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The Spanish region of Catalonia’ President, Artur Mas, wrote a letter to the European Union leaders, seeking their support for a referendum later this year on Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

Emphasizing that the outcome of the referendum would not be legally binding and done mainly for consultation, Mas asked for support for a ‘‘peaceful, democratic and transparent European process.’’

However, if the referendum would pass then it could put pressure on the Spanish government to begin talks on Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

Although Mas’s letter was sent to national leaders in both EU member countries and 45 non-EU member countries, it was not sent to EU institutions.

No EU leader outside of Spain has responded to the letter because EU member countries are leaning towards an approach that avoids discussing the ‘Catalonia issue’.

The EU commission announced that Catalonia, if separated from Spain, would remain outside of the EU and need to apply for membership.

However, an independent Catalonia would face potential difficulties in becoming a EU member, as it would require approval by all EU member countries.

President Mas wants the referendum on Catalonia’s independence to be held on November, two months after Scotland holds a referendum on independence.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 03 Ocak 2014, 17:22