Clashes erupt in Ukraine's Slaviansk

Security forces and armed separatists use mortars during exchange of fire.

Clashes erupt in Ukraine's Slaviansk

World Bulletin/News Desk

Ukrainian security forces and rebels clashed in the troubled eastern town of Sloviansk on Saturday, an Anadolu Agency correspondent reported from the scene.

Two sides used heavy weapons including mortars during exchange of fire. The government forces were deployed in a hill of Mount Karachun, the largest area of the town.

An anonymous representative of the separatists said the security forces were to blame for the clash as they opened fire first.

He added that no pro-Russian separatist was hurt during the clashes.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the "anti-terror" operations continued and that armed groups attacked two control points held by the security forces. The attacks were not successful and nobody was hurt, according to the statement.

Heavily-armed, pro-Russia militants have fortified themselves in dozens of the cities in eastern Ukraine.

Sporadic but increasingly intense fighting continues as Ukrainian troops attempt to restore federal authority in areas held by separatist forces. 

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