Communist Party accuses Hollande of betrayal

Francois Hollande, the socialist President of France, is severely criticized across the country for his austerity measures.

Communist Party accuses Hollande of betrayal

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France's Communist Party has accused President Francois Hollande of betrayal for not fulfilling his promises to his staff and for acting in favor of employers rather than workers.

Communist Party General Secretary Pierre Laurent criticized the president on BFM television by saying, "Hollande is succumbing to the demands of employers' union MEDEF."

Referring to Hollande's new year message regarding cuts in public spending, Laurent accused him of implementing the same policies as former right-wing president Nicholas Sarkozy.

In July, Hollande announced that austerity measures taken by his government had returned 6 million euros to France.

However those austerity measures are criticized by some circles in the country.

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