Crowdfunding campaign to save Greece

An online crowdfunding campaign started by a London shoe shop worker is aiming to create a Greek bailout fund of his own.

Crowdfunding campaign to save Greece

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As Greece struggles with closed banks and makes a further attempt to negotiate with the Eurogroup, a London shoe salesman is making an independent effort to save Greece.

On June 29, Thom Feeney, 29, launched a crowdfunding program on indiegogo calling for donations to save the Greek economy – the goal is to raise the €1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) needed to pay Greece’s defaulted debt to the International Monetary Fund.

Sounds foolish? Feeney’s “Greek Bailout Fund” has raised close to €600,000 in two days, and traffic to his page on indiegogo has crashed the entire crowdfunding platform on two occasions. It has attracted more than 50,000 investors.

“I was fed up of the Greek crisis going round in circles, while politicians are dithering, this is affecting real people. While all the posturing is going on, then it’s easy for the politicians to forget that. I just thought, sod it, I’ll have a crack,” Feeney wrote on his crowdfunding page.

Feeney states on his page that Greece would be better letting "the people" decide its fate rather than European ministers. "The European Union is home to 503 million people, if we all just chip in a few euro then we can get Greece sorted and hopefully get them back on track soon. Easy," Feeney wrote.

“It might seem like a lot but it's only just over €3 from each European. That's about the same as half a pint in London. Or everyone in the EU just having a Feta and Olive salad for lunch."

Crowdfunding projects must achieve their goals in order to receive the funds that have been raised, otherwise they are returned to the senders. Feeney offers some bonus gifts to investors – a €3 euro investment for a postcard of Greek Prime Minister Tsipras, and €25 for a bottle of Greek wine. But it is likely to take just a lot of good, old fashioned generosity for the project to reach its goal.

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