Delays, cost overrun seen for contested UK nuclear plant

EDF, the state-run French company that has the lion's share of the controversial scheme, made the announcement after a long review.

Delays, cost overrun seen for contested UK nuclear plant

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A project to build a nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Britain will overrun by £1.5 billion ($1.95 billion, 1.71 billion euros) and may face further delays, its main supplier said Monday.

EDF is part of a French-Chinese consortium that was awarded the two-reactor project last year despite criticism from green groups and cost warnings from experts.

"The final project costs are now estimated at £19.6 billion at 2015 rates, an increase of £1.5 billion," EDF said in a statement.

The higher estimate derives from "better discernment of the design" and "the volume and sequencing of work on site and the progressive implementation of suppliers' contracts," it said.

It also warned of a possible delay of 15 months in delivering the first reactor, and nine months for the second.

If this risk is confirmed, the deal would add "around £0.7 billion" to costs, EDF said.

The announcement came after EDF on June 26 acknowledged that it was carrying out a "full review" of costs and scheduling.

Named Hinkley Point C, the project, built in the southwestern English county of Somerset, is being showcased as the first British nuclear power station to be built in more than two decades.

It will provide seven percent of Britain's power needs, replacing old, carbon-emitting coal-fired plants, according to the British government.

But the costs and timetable have been repeatedly revised. In 2007, an EDF boss promised that, in 2017, Britons would be able to cook their Christmas turkeys using electricity from the facility.

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