Dutch MPs of Turkish origin to present Palestinian resolution

Two Dutch MP's of Turkish origin in Holland will present to the Housee of Represenatives an order for Palestinian recognition.

Dutch MPs of Turkish origin to present Palestinian resolution

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Dutch-Turkish MP's Tunahan Kuzu and Selcuk Ozturk will present a proposal to the government in netherlans for the formal recognition of Palestine in the House of Represenatives.

Known in the parliament as “Kuzu-Ozturk Group” the MP's who are continuing their work in politics have expressed a desire to have the same recognition for Palestine as Sweden, Spain and France have previously taken the decision to formally recognise Palestine.

In a statement to an AA, Tunahan Kuzu said that in this regard the issue will be discussed on the December 10th at the Foreign Affairs commission as a priority agenda, and that they will present it to the House of Represenatiatives after this.

Stating that this will contribute to to the Palestinian peace process, Kuzu said, “ There are two equal governments that are necessary for a permanenet peace solution. For this reason, Palestine must be recorgnised, and yet only Israel is a recognised state.With one side being stronger makes it unbalanced, and makes it difficult for peace. For this reason we would like Ireland, Iceland, Switzerland and France to take this step as well. We believe this is a necessary groundwork”.

Kuzu expressed hope that they will be able to get support from different parties.

Previously the Labor Party in Holland had wanted to discuss the issue of the recogniton of the Palestinian state and some opposition parties had supported this. However Bert Koenders, the Minister for Foreign Affairs said in a statement that the recognition of Palestine as a state was not an issue on the agenda.

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Muhammed Öylek