Efforts to connect Paris attack with Yemen

Western media claims, quoting U.S. and European sources, that one of two brothers suspected of carrying out the deadly shooting at a French satirical weekly visited Yemen in 2011 to train with militants

Efforts to connect Paris attack with Yemen

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French press starts associating the Paris attack with Yemen as all the attackers are killed and the file becomes mistery. One of the French tv claims they talked to attackers and learned the attacks were ordered by Yemen. As the channel puts the news after the attackers' death, it left question marks.

According to the media reports based on CIA documents, one of the two brothers who killed 12 in a massacre at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo this week has said he received financing by al Qaeda in Yemen.

Cherif Kouachi, who was killed along with his older brother by police on Friday after a siege at a printing works in north France following a three-day manhunt, made the assertion to BFM-TV before his death while holed up inside the building.

"I was sent, me, Cherif Kouachi, by Al Qaeda of Yemen. I went over there and they financed me," he told BFM-TV by telephone, according to a recording aired by the television channel after the siege was over.

Another hostage-taker linked to Kouachi, Amedy Coulibaly, who died after a police siege of a kosher market in Paris on Friday, separately called BFM-TV, saying he wanted to defend Hz. Muhammad and got his revenge. Coulibaly claimed allegiance with Islamic State and said he had jointly planned the attacks with the Kouachi brothers.

Unidentified Attack

As all the attackers were killed and one suspicious woman misteriously disseppears, the attack remains partly as unidentifed. Since there is no one left to clarify attack's background, debate rises that it was all done to close the file.

In a program at Tv-24, columnist Nuh Albayrak claims that France have no attaintion of finding out the essence of the matter, as he says:

“We don't know how much France involves all these. Yet when we look at the operations it seem France doesn't worry much about the background. There are thousands of ways to make attackers come oout of the building without killing them. If France wanted to examine the incident deeper, they could definitely find a way.”

Total of 20 have been killed since Paris attack, including 12 at Charlie Hebdo, 1 police officer at another attack and 7 (4 civils, 3 attackers) during the operations.

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