Egyptians in London stage anti-coup protest

Egyptians reflected the photo of deposed President Morsi onto the building of Egyptian Embassy in London.

Egyptians in London stage anti-coup protest

World Bulletin / News Desk

A protest against the military coup in Egypt prior to the ousted president Mohamed Morsi's trial scheduled for Monday took place with the attendance of many British Egyptians in capital London on Sunday.

Organized by the "British Egyptians for Democracy (BE4D), demonstrators came together in front of the Egyptian Embassy in London where people were chanting slogans in Arabic saying, "If Rabia aggravates you, then Rabia, Rabia", "Sisi Sisi tell me why innocent people have to die", "Military rule is faulty", "Sisi Sisi don't you know, we will never let it go". Activists carried the flag of Egypt and other flags with "Rabia" signs on them.

Charity worker Shadi Khalifa who is also one of the organizers of the protest told Anadolu Agency that they had many reasons to be at the protest on a Sunday and expressed, "First of all, the first elected President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi has been overthrown by the military of Egypt. Secondly, we are here for the massacres happening all over Egypt. So we are here chanting our voice for those who lost their lives or families, also for injured and those who are in prisons. Even I got two cousins in prison, one of them is 16-year-old, and the other one is in his 20s, so young lads walking on the street for freedom are in prison now."

He stressed, "As we say we live in the world of opinions appearently, but it's not respected in Egypt. So we are just here today for those still under oppression despite the January 25, 2011 revolution."

Regarding the first session of ousted president Mohamed Morsi's trial to take place on Monday, Khalifa said, "Everybody will be on their feet, waiting to see what is happening. Eveyone does believe the negative option and negative way is going to be taken and with the result what is gonna happen tomorrow is 'no one knows'. This is what everyone is concerned about." 

Khalifa noted that it was unjust Hosni Mobarak, a former Egyptian politician, destroyed the country for years and that he was out and living his life now and added, "And Morsi who has done nothing to the country, now they want to take him to court over allegations that has never happened. So it's very confusing, and tomorrow, we are going to see the true side of Egypt. And I believe tomorrow is going to show the dirty side of Egypt. We are waiting to see what's happening, to see how far is the Egyptian government going, expect anything from them."

A 15-minute-long slide show took place at the end of the protest where the Rabia sign, photo of Mohamed Morsi and his last speech was reflected onto the building of Egyptian Embassy in London's South Street via a projector.

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