Egyptians to protest in London

Thousands of Egyptians living in London are expected to stage a protest in London to show their support for peaceful protesters in Egypt who are being attacked and killed by the military and the police forces

Egyptians to protest in London

World Bulletin/News Desk

Hundreds from throughout the United Kingdom gathered in front of the Egyptian Embassy in London and protested the massacre by shouting slogans and holding banners.

Protestors also condemned western countries for their passive stance against massacres and serious human rights violations in Egypt.

Speaking to a Cihan reporter, a female protestor Dr. Magda Amer stated that they are very thankful to Turkey because of its stand against coup plotters which has committed many crimes in Egypt. Turkish people proved that they are real friends of Egypt and real Muslims.

"We want the democracy not only for the Western world, but for the whole world" Dr Magda added.

The protesters drove around London's busiest tourist areas and specific governmental institutions to bring public attention to the massacre on August 14 and the bloody coup's actions.

London is one of the most crowded cities in terms of the Egyptian population living in Europe. Not only Egyptians, but native Britons and other ethnic communities in the city such as the Pakistanis, Syrians and Turks, also show their solidarity with the people massacred in Egypt



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