EU critisizes Malta's 'passport sale scheme'

The European Parliament warns Malta that its plan to sell Maltese citizenship will undermine the mutual trust upon which the union is built.

EU critisizes Malta's 'passport sale scheme'

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The European Commission and the European Parliament (EP) have opposed Malta's plan over its EU "passport sale scheme".

Malta recently introduced plans which would indirectly sell EU citizenship to third-country nationals.

The scheme, which is due to launch in February, will see Malta sell 1,800 passports for €650,000 each.

Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding said: “Do we like the idea of selling the rights provided by the EU treaties? Certainly not. Citizenship must not be up for sale,” she told MEPs.

She added that EU institutions have no legal power to stop Malta, but stressed that the scheme violates a basic principle of “international law”, wherby governments should only grant nationality to people with a “genuine connection to the country in question”.

"[The plan would] only allow the richest third-country nationals to obtain EU citizenship, without any other criteria being considered," the resolution added.

The EP's resolution said that every EU member is expected to act responsibly in preserving the EU's common values and achievements, which "cannot have a price tag attached to them".

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