European leaders in display of unity ahead of G20

Merkel, Macron say they do not want to exclude US despite Trump's decision to pull US from Paris climate accord

European leaders in display of unity ahead of G20

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European leaders met in Berlin on Thursday in a show of unity ahead of next week's G20 summit in Hamburg.

Speaking at a joint news conference after a meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed European participants in the G20 were committed to the Paris climate accord.

Climate change is likely to be one of the key themes of the Hamburg summit.

“We deplore, at least I say this for Germany, that the U.S.A. has decided to leave this agreement. But we will obviously address issues of climate change during the summit meeting in Hamburg,” Merkel said.

The German leader underlined that, despite their differences with the Trump administration, Europeans would continue to seek common solutions, without excluding the U.S., a significant member of the G20.

French President Emmanuel Macron voiced support for Merkel’s position and warned against excluding the U.S.

“As regards climate and relations with the U.S.A., there is not much I would have to add. Angela has rightly made a point that it is not leading us anywhere if we are to isolate a country,” he said.

Macron described climate change as one the biggest challenges facing the world today.

“We abide by the Paris agreement. As regards climate change, we hope that others would see reason [to] support us,” he said, expressing hope for an agreement on a common declaration on combatting climate change.

Disagreements between the U.S. administration and European governments on climate change led to tensions last month at a G7 summit in Italy.

While six of the world’s largest economies pledged commitment to the Paris climate agreement, U.S. President Donald Trump did not join the consensus, pulling his country out of the agreement a week later.

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